…Still better than every one of you purple monkey dishwasher.

About was originally founded in the summer of 2000. The basic premise of the website was simple, a group of friends all fed up with living by the rules of places like Fortune City, Xoom, Geocities, or any other free web host, simply decided we were going to make our own rules. We had made up a word, then made it a domain and went from there. Eventually nature took its course and that would come to an end. Now it is much later, the original World Wide Web as we know it went through a “burst” and in its place is now Web 2.0. Along with Web 2.0 is BWOAK 2.0. It is now a breeding ground for its esteemed, proud, and darn good-looking members to converge and interact with the rest of you. Check back regularly as we share with you the stuff that we think is cool, as it enters our world.